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2011-07-28 07:54 pm

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2013-04-25 12:08 am

vom@s 24 masterlist post

originally i intended to write this over google spreadsheet instead but since I'm only planning to listed one that had online shop links ready i decided to write it over here either way.

first off to those who're new in this, vom@s or known as Vocaloid M@ster is a doujin centered event for vocaloid (there is also UTAU M@ster which often held on the same day w/ vom@s which mostly focus on UTAU stuff) much like comiket just that this event only centered on Vocaloid related stuff which can be their doujin, album, cover album and many more as long it was related to the main theme (centered doujin event like this also available to a rather popular series like touhou w/ reitaisai, kurobas w/ shadow trickster and much more).
Please do note that this is a doujin event hence majority of the releases might not be available on online shop (unless you're lucky toranoana online store might have it) and because I'm an overseas fan as well i will do a listing of the album that have a link for online shopping (some might can't do overseas shipping so i suggest on using deputy service, unless you have a friend who lives in jpn to helped you out). alright I'm done with the explanation so time for the listing!

temporary table design for now )adding more soon as i got more info so stay tune!
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2013-04-12 10:17 pm

in depth talking of tohma's song series

it seems that i often post about vocaloid related post now (:3)rz well not that i have better things to tell either way (my irl is pretty dull beside i started my job training session and vice versa happen) before that i want to say thank you over my friends who greeted me on my b'day and giving me gifts and such \o/ you're all the best!

moving on I'm trying to come up with some nice tl;dr post since it's already a long time since i did one so for now I'll bet my writing all for tohma's song series aka the Azalea universe.
what is the radio tower for again )

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2013-02-15 09:58 pm
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counting... counting... KAITO V3 IS HERE

FEW WEEKS TO GO BEFORE JOB TRAINING HUFH, I'm actually really nervous about this the most ahahha ;;______;; and i just got the news that my 2nd mid exam will start next 20th which adds to my schedule Orz, i feel like i will get even more busy next month but I'm really looking forward to this so much so throws away stressed up feelings!!!!!!

anyway let's forget that aside since today is 15th february, hm what does it mean? It's the release date of the V3 version of one of our veteran (oniisan) vocaloid KAITO! the news about him having a V3 upgrade already brew up ever since last year so i was really looking forward to this!! after some of the demo got released (ie. circus monster, karakuri tokei to koi no hanashi) last year, various producer are celebrating this day by uploading their song using V3Kaito! well well i went straight to the tags to check out some songs and here are some of my faves as of today!

Firstly, we have a good (expected) cover of PianoxFortexScandal upload from fuwashina! fuwashina-san is using the Straight voicebanks here and manage to pull a good kaito right here (as you may know V3 comes with 4 voicebanks aka Straight, English, Whisper and Soft thought i don't even know why they would bother making a straight voicebanks but let's just leave it as that) nothing much i can say here except from the same exact music from the original (well you heard it right? nope? shame on you, go slap yourself then click this and relax because OSTER always make good jazz even with meiko) and a well done tuning of V3 kaito. naisu
Rated: ★★★

next up, we got some nice sample for using the english voicebanks of V3Kaito by sat, loops and loops might gets a little giddy and laughable at first (hey it's fine i also make fun of this song at the first minute) but it gets better once the music are in, as I'm not fond of music reference but maybe i can call this a soft pop ballad song? my favorite part are during the reff and during the "my patience gave up" lines (FINALLY PROPER ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION!!!!!!!!) so far this song is the one that i can actually loop if i were to make a kaitoV3 playlist now.
Rated: ★★★★

and next! Re:nG and yuki once again teamed up (or were they always in one pack damn too many P are making me not remembering some silly little details) in celebration of a V3Kaito release! Caged Flower sets up the mood of all arabian(?)-like music lovers into a good shape, yes! this is the kind of feelings you will get upon listening to this upload, this one was my most favs apart from all the upload in the V3kaito tag today and plus, you get to hear a sassy tuning for kaito here so sit down (and might as well dance to this) and listen to this upload for making your day a better one.
Rated: ★★★★★

we already have pop, jazz and a nice heart-pumping song, of course what's lacking in this post is a good touch of rock genre song. 5roundP is coming to you with his nice rock song using the straight voicebanks of V3Kaito! (well well certainly this voicebanks got a certain big amount of love huh) although kaito's voice a bit distorted here and there, Itagari still deserved to be a considered listening for the pumping music and it might be weird but kaito's voice seems a bit fitting with the song's mood which add some plus to this upload, give it a try and see if you could give a same nice opinion as i do!
Rated: ★★★

almost all kind of genre are being covered up here, what does we lack of now? of course a nice adds of manbouP old song that gives VY2 a nice warm welcome from every nnd users, Nenchaku kei danshi no 15nen nechinechi acoustic version that was provided by the nice jonetsuP gives a nice setting for the song mood (as usual the obligatory ざわ・・・ moment are always welcomed here since you're supoosed to cry over this song you heartless bastard) although i kinda admit at this up i feel like i could mistaken kaito as VY2 if it wasn't tagged, as usual you will get the deep voices kaito because everyone loves straight voicebanks (or more like they're always end up with straight voicebanks).
Rated: ★★★★

I'm sure there will be more great upload for this lovely new V3 upgrade (as I'm typing this i saw about 2-3 new uploads on the V3 Kaito tags, well as expected) but for now these are some songs i recommended if you wanted to start experiencing the new Kaito. is your fave is one of these songs or there are other?