drillboat: (*small)
2013-04-25 12:08 am

vom@s 24 masterlist post

originally i intended to write this over google spreadsheet instead but since I'm only planning to listed one that had online shop links ready i decided to write it over here either way.

first off to those who're new in this, vom@s or known as Vocaloid M@ster is a doujin centered event for vocaloid (there is also UTAU M@ster which often held on the same day w/ vom@s which mostly focus on UTAU stuff) much like comiket just that this event only centered on Vocaloid related stuff which can be their doujin, album, cover album and many more as long it was related to the main theme (centered doujin event like this also available to a rather popular series like touhou w/ reitaisai, kurobas w/ shadow trickster and much more).
Please do note that this is a doujin event hence majority of the releases might not be available on online shop (unless you're lucky toranoana online store might have it) and because I'm an overseas fan as well i will do a listing of the album that have a link for online shopping (some might can't do overseas shipping so i suggest on using deputy service, unless you have a friend who lives in jpn to helped you out). alright I'm done with the explanation so time for the listing!

temporary table design for now )adding more soon as i got more info so stay tune!