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in depth talking of tohma's song series

it seems that i often post about vocaloid related post now (:3)rz well not that i have better things to tell either way (my irl is pretty dull beside i started my job training session and vice versa happen) before that i want to say thank you over my friends who greeted me on my b'day and giving me gifts and such \o/ you're all the best!

moving on I'm trying to come up with some nice tl;dr post since it's already a long time since i did one so for now I'll bet my writing all for tohma's song series aka the Azalea universe.

The Azalea/Tohma Universe/whichever you refer for calling this series is tohma first song series and also considered to be his popularity booster, although the theme for his universe are really obscure itself each video song itself has received a great number of views and become a starting point where he become a well known producer among the nnd scene (though before this he already have a good set of upload for example like his mimir no hana). The first upload that begin his series of Azalea was Babylon, which tells about a rural shopping district on the Azalea universe called Babylon of course. other city and locations were introduced each time new songs that was related on the Azalea universe got upped so here it is.

Town of Babylon
probably the first town you will notice as the location was like right in the center of Azalea, Babylon itself refer to the shopping district and also known as the 'Amusement site for particular people' from what the song itself described. Like the description of this city said, Babylon was an entertainment-saturated city in Azalea (inb4 the amusement park on the top left of babylon might be another branch of this city but w/e) and in here lives various number of people born from different race, language even religion each with their own business they're making here, some are living depth in the market's slums while some are making flush of money in their casino, small quarrel, deceiving people, all kind of emotions will be the daily things you could've expected to see here. well, maybe that's why it was named after Babylon itself? so far Babylon were the only place in Azalea i can't really connect with Eureka nor the whole Azalea itself but if they were to bring the 'city problem' topic then the one should pop out would be people greediness
btw, this city will get another song from the album titled Libera Babylon

Old Town of Neon
located at the right side near the Babylon, also a model town for the song Envy Catwalk. taking the town's description, the Town of Neon for some reason has only prohibit the 3rd street to be crossed (and seemed a particular girl that always seen carrying a stuff animal figure with some 'cat' accessories has seen lingering around this street) and as the town name is their Neon hold a great number of role here as if to liven up the town. In this town we might want to focus our attention not mainly on the cat accessorized girl but also on a person that was seen living in the neon city spending his day lying in bed (seems to be struggling over a certain sickness?), these two might be the one symbolize as the Adam and the Eve of the song as they might have connection that attract each other (+ the cat girl seems never really have the intention to leave the Neon town
>implying she can but she decided not too either way
the song itself might explain if she leaves he along with the town might vanish, another thing is she might be looking for a cure to freed him from the illuminating neon city) either way the current problem i can guess out of this city is confusion and sickness
sequel song for this town will be titled Envycat Blackout btw (ah i smell a bad end)

Town of Mansion
ah my favorite location in Azalea (also the place of my favorite two characters), the Town of Mansion was the based for tohma's upload "Madaracult/Madarakaruto" and also got a sequel song that was upped not long ago titled "Yankee Boy Yankee Girl", the 2nd song wasn't really focused on the madaracult anime since it was more into the Mansion couple that was getting a bit carried away (that aside i want to know where the hell they got an android and an alien to join their team like it was nothing) but i suppose I'll blurb out my theory about that after this.
taking from the site description, Mansion town was located near the industrial site so it was stately clear this place didn't offer much entertainment (luckily none of the people here are a bunch of curious genius guys who teamed up and start making a robot in search of true beauty- girls*) lucky for them they have one nice anime they casually enjoy that is Madaracult! this anime become a popular talk for the kids in the mansion, of course our two main characters aren't one of the exception instead, they're really really absorbed with this weird anime series (even tohma wonders why is this anime become really popular on the mansion town- oh wait) the explanation for this area was rather vague so i won't hint much more thing until i find more legit source like...... interview post for example.
by the way tohma upped Yankee Boy Yankee Girl for this town's sequel altho this time we'll be getting more vice versa stuff about the duo but w/e

Town of Kowloon

(possibly tohma originate the name and design from an actual place w/ the name same but let's pretend it's not..... well) Kowloon city is much like babylon itself although there is no such a thing as fun attraction for people to see here. from the description Kowloon city was built by an unknown person who stacked all of the oriental styled house until it looked like a fortress base or something like that, not much you can find in this town beside a sight of human trafficking here and there (what about the girl? what girl) the song was supposedly be spoken from the traveling girl's point of view and basically describe what /is/ this town is about (i guess i could try doing the song translation in near future dundun)
the song for this area was Kowloon Retro as long the sequel Kowloon Idola

Tower of Azalea
"From here, it is referred to as the Azalea region. a vast land with a large view from the tower that was also known as the Tower of azalea from time to time.
The city also seems to be present in the hem of the tower.
This district's properties are separated in a valley, where the sanctity as if standing the relationship between external are not suggested."

well um, that.... explains something.
from the Azalea no Bourei. the Tower of Azalea holds a rather powerful lead to the origin of the whole Azalea itself (this is confusing me why the hell tohma named it Azalea's tower either way it should be /JUST TOWER/) the songs tells a tragic story of two children who one were living in this tower and one who attracted the said person, as the boy got bored with the everyday routine of the "filthy" city tower he lived in he end up meeting her (it also hinted that they were childhood friend which is most likely) and one day the girl vanish and it made him breaks in agony, eventually he ends up being this tower's spirit.
awwwww what an enlightening love story from tohma.

The Ruins of the Island
the area where Orange song takes place, the only people that lived in this Island is the two girls people most refereed as Kuro and Shiro. They spent most of their times together exploring the small island where they lived in, doing cute (island) girls doing cute (island) things. no one knew for how they end up being here but basically they never leaving each other and continued to live on the Island....... at least that was it supposed to be.
shiro is very dependent to kuro in which why she was really clingy to her, while kuro thinks all of the thing she did for shiro will eventually go in waste once she's gone which will happen soon (in which tohma description for this song goes along w/ the line "let's just forget about everything") in the end kuro can't stop her death and end up being all alone in the island.

Wasted Amusement Park
This was most likely the only area which i can partly understand by at least 78% of it, also base area for the song Mahou Shoujo Koufuku Ron. This place was originally an abandoned old amusement park but every night there are always a swarms of people who go here and liven up the park feels, Ron plays the part of this places role. She was originally and ordinary girl but every night she is able to sneak to the unverse of Azalea by turning into a magical girl and keeping the Amusement Park alive as well to enjoy the said place. One day a witch comes forth to her telling the way of staying here forever instead of being only in here for a limited time, ron being not satisfied of her current limitation accept the offer and eventually started living there but eventually she realizes living there forever means that she's doomed to leave the "other life" she's having and she doesn't want that, just as the witch tried to approached her again a big yellow bear(???) killed the witch off and saves her (but does she able to go back to her own original world? dundundun)

House of Eureka
the said House for a certain girl named Eureka, she has long passed away but still bookshelf in which she kept her memoirs and such were still in a good condition and still readable, it was also believed that eureka was the first person that originate the existence of Azalea itself but not much info i can get about her so far so yeah

most of the explanation may/may not gives you vague hints about each story is about but i hope at least this clears up some of the description for each places n_________n I'm planning to do kemu's Pandora voxx ep at some point but that one needs more research and stuff so yeah.
I'll be doing other vocaloid related post other than that most likely